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When Jaseida Mojica started WESPAC in 1999, she had no idea where it would lead because she had just graduated from the university and had left a job in the biochemistry field.  She decided to move forward and completely dedicated herself to her life’s work and passion in teaching children, teens and adults how to dance.  Many of her students which started with her from the young age of 4 have continued through adulthood and carried out dance careers as children and adults.

Some of her students have appeared in the movie “Santa Clause 3” with Tim Allen, the NBC show “Las Vegas” with Josh Duhamel, Molly Sims, James Caan and Tom Selleck, the movie “Yours Mine and Ours" with Rene Russo and Dennis Quaid, music videos with Fiona Apple, the “Nikki Cox Show” on the CW network, danced with the Sparks Kids and even toured with Usher. Many students have received dance scholarships and worked with agents such as Bill Bohl of Dorothy Day Otis, DDO, and Bobby Ball Agency, BBA.  There have even been some celebrities that have inquired about taking classes because of watching WESPAC shows including Raven Symone of “That’s So Raven” and Giselle Samson of “America’s Next Top Model”, Giselle even rehearsed for one of her shows at our facility.

Wespac Dancers are part of Wespac Dance Center located in Westminster, CA. Their success and chemistry is due to their friendships on and off stage and getting through challenges together. They are a national award winning team earning top awards including two National 2nd Place awards in 2015. Wespac Dancers can be seen on Season 5 and featured on Season 6 of Dance Moms on Lifetime TV. As a result of their hard work, collectively and independently the team has had many successes. The team had the distinct honor of being selected for the NBC commercial for the FULL OUT movie in August 2015. Wespac Dancers have been in music videos for up and coming young artists like Skylar Stecker in Rooftop, Rascal, That's What's Up, and Crazy Beautiful.

They have also had the pleasure of doing the How We Do It music video and performing live on stage with Maylin Fox. Most recently, the team wrapped up a video shoot with Mya. Other notable projects is Nigel Lithgoe's production of Snow White Christmas and Debbie Allen's production of Freeze Frame. Three out of 7 team members have agency representation through The Movement and the youngest team member, who is currently at New York Fashion Week, has agency representation from Coast to Coast. All team members are managed by Director Jaseida Mojica from Wespac LLC.
WESPAC Dance Center Living In The Moment and Winning!
Article By J.C. Alan, September 7, 2016

I arrived on a Wednesday afternoon at the tiny studio with a big reputation known as WESPAC Dance Center and one of the top hip-hop studios in Southern California. A friendly woman named Sonia is running the front desk and greets me as I walk through the front door. She is the mother of the dance studio owner and has run the studio by her daughter’s side for the past 17 years....  Read More...
Our First Overall 2016 National Award Winning team Wespac Dancers

My House of Lights




Converse Kicks 2013 KAR Regionals


Prodigy 2013 KAR Regionals


WESPAC instructors and students appeared in the Orange County Register on the first page of the local section for being one of the first dance studios to offer break dancing classes.  Soon after, WESPAC students were asked to appear in a music video which was being directed by one of Disney's choreographers and presented to Will Smith.  WESPAC was then invited to perform at the “Best of the Best Dance Studios in Orange County” at Huntington Beach High School, HBHS in 2000.  Many WESPAC students have graduated from the Academy of the Performing Arts, APA, at HBHS and the Orange County High School of the Performing Arts, OCHSA.

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